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The Instrumental Debut is Michael Aguilar's debut album, released on February 24th, 2010.


Track Title Duration
1 The Journey 1:18
2 Evolving Evolution 2:09
3 Metal-Hop 1:53
4 Providing And Going 1:48

Awards & Certifications

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Year Award Category
Year 1 Award 1 Category 1

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Year Song Chart
Year 1 Song 1 #1


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Michael Aguilar, Producer


The album cover, a photo of clouds, was taken in Los Angles in 2010 during a trip to LegoLand.

The song The Journey was made in September 2010 using GarageBand '08 as an assignment from Digital Film Making.

The song Providing and Going was originally made as a tribute to Indio Middle School, a school Michael Aguilar attended for all 2 years. It was originally 31 seconds.

Originally, The Journey and two remixes of The Journey were only going to be on the album. However, both unused remixes will be featured in a future album.


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