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Hi Traut!

I see that you do love Nerina Pallot a lot! I can give you this page and you can regularly update it if you want.

There are just some changes i'd like to point out:

You have made these pags:

Actaully, our standardized pages should look like this:

Let me know if you can edit them. If not you can email me at:


Hi Traut, saw your changes in the Beyonce page, looks good! However, please do not be get confused by the chart toppers and singles section as both are different. Singles are just merely for singles while chart toppers are merely for singles topping the charts. For the meantime, I had restored it back to the older version and transferred the edits you did for the singles section to chart toppers. If you could find time talk to me at User_talk:ericgo Ericgo 22:47, 29 December 2006 (PST)
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