The Verve Pipe

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The Verve Pipe
The Verve Pipe

The Verve Pipe is an American grunge band from Michigan. Its members include Donny Brown, for drums, vocals Doug Corella, percussion, keyboard A.J. Dunning, lead guitar, vocals Brad Vander Ark, bass, vocals and Brian Vander Ark for guitar.



The Verve Pipe began on 1992 in East Lansing, Michigan. The line-up consists of Brian Vander Ark (frontman and guitarist), Donny Brown (guitarist and vocals), Brad Vander Ark ( bassist and vocals) and Brian Stout (guitarist and vocals). Brian and Brad were a part of Johnny with an Eye while Brown and Stout belonged to Water 4 the Pool. In 1992, the band released their debut album, I've Suffered A Head Injury. Soon after the released Stout was replaced by A.J. Dunning. Later that year they released their second effort, Pop Smear. The Verve Pipe went on an extensive tour which gained them popularity. Both albums were released independently and sold 40,000 copies.

The following year, RCA Records signed them in and released Villains. It stayed in the Billboard charts up to fifteen weeks. At the same year the band added a new member keyboardist, Doug Corella, to the band. The Verve Pipe spent a whole year on tour. In 1997, they went back to the studio for their next effort. “The Freshmen” was released and stayed at the top of the pop chart. In 1999, the band’s self-titled debut appeared was released followed by Underneath in 2001.

Awards & Certifications


Year Album Certification
1996 Villains Certified Platinum in U.S.

Chart Toppers

Year Title Mainstream Rock Tracks Modern Rock Tracks Billboard Hot 100 Album
1996 Cup Of Tea 35 Villains
1996 Photograph 17 6 Villains
1997 The Freshmen 9 1 5 Villains
1997 Villains 24 22 Villains
1999 Hero 38 17 The Verve Pipe (album)


Tours & Concerts

No upcoming tours and concerts.





Year Single Label Album
1997 The Freshmen RCA Villains

Compilations & Live Releases

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  • The Verve Pipe got its name locally by playing college frat parties in their adopted hometown.
  • Because of the band's success the band formed their own independent record label called LMNO Pop.


The Verve Pipe has an aggressive guitar sound. The give pop a more broad definition. Each single that they release has a character and different rhythm to it. -Mimi 07:35, 22 February 2008 (PST)

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