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Tavu is a Puertorican metal band formed in the summer of 1996. TAVÚ took shape as a visionary in the genre of spanish heavy music, incorporating melody, brutality, and technicality into their unique sound.

This recognizable sound has metamorphosed and evolved throughout the years, growing and maturing throughout periods of experimentation, the continuous injection of new elements and the unique perspective of each individual member. The solid delivery of their songs, the subtle details in their music, as well as their explosively energetic live shows have spread outside of Puerto Rico, with tours in Costa Rica and in the Dominican Republic, as well as with material releases in the US and Latin America.

As an established band, TAVÚ has shared the stage with Anthrax, Walls of Jericho, D.R.I., Korn, Puya, Ankla, Santuario, Full Blown Chaos, God Forbid, Eden AD, as well as with an inmense number of amazing bands from Puerto Rico’s outstanding and diverse musical community.

TAVÚ's first full length, self titled debut album won much critical acclaim at home and abroad, capturing with crystal clarity the energy and projection of the band, thanks to an outstanding production by Leo Alvares (Mattador, Slimy Nuggetz, Coabey, Tribe, Tapiz) and a long history of live shows. TAVÚ has also taken part in two international tribute albums, lending their take on Red Hot Chilli Peppers's "Power of Equality", and Rage Against The Machine's "People of the Sun". After some time off the stage to work on new material and to solidify a new lineup, TAVÚ is back and ready to shred the stages of Puerto Rico and Beyond once again, as well as preparing a new album. Keep your eyes peeled!


Band Members

Marcos Reyes - Vocals
David McCloskey - Drums, Vocals
Joen Blanco - Guitars
Carlos "Yogi" Benitez - Bass, Backing Vocals


Self Titled Released 2004
Self Titled Released 2004


  • Puerto Rock Vol 1
  • Flammable
  • Fredom
  • 787

External Links

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[Tavu's Official] Facebook
[Tavu's Official Myspace]

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