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Omar Live
Omar Live
Sol D' Menta is rock band from Puerto Rico. The band was formed in 1994 and became one of the most successful bands in the island. They became the first Puerto Rican band to be signed by a multinational label (Polygram) with whom they released their first eponymous album in 1996.

In 1997 the band went to work in their follow-up album that was recorded at NRG Studios in Hollywood, California. The result was the album titled ¿El Concepto? released on June 16, 1998. It included a version of the song "No voy en Tren" from Argentinean singer Charly García.[7] In 1998, during the promotion for the album, Ricky left the band after some differences with guitarist Tito Rodríguez. Also, the band was dropped from Polygram.

For their third album, Tocando Madera, the group set up their own production company, recording an acoustic album live at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan. The album featured three original songs plus hits from their prior two albums, and received two nominations at the Tu Música Awards for Best Rock Group and Album of the Year.

Ricky Diaz left the band and was quickly replaced by Omar Garcia who debuted on one of their best albums Insomnio, making Hector Lavo/Willie Colon version "Calle Luna Calle Sol and instant hit.

On the same year 2003 they recorded a live album called "Vivos", recorded on the Amphiteather Tito Puente.

In 2006 they release "Ciclos" wich include Bob Marley's cover "could you be loved". The band is planning a new album, meanwhile, the members are also dedicating time to other several projects.


Band Members

Current members Erick "Jey" Seda Santana - bass guitar
Omar Abnel Hernández González - lead vocals
Miguel "Tito" Rodríguez - guitar
Ernesto José "Che" Rodríguez Soto - drums

Former members

Ricardo "Ricky" Díaz - lead vocals (lead vocal of Niño Planeta)



Sol D'Menta (1996)
¿El Concepto? (1998)
Tocando Madera (2000)
Insomnio (2001)
Vivos (2002)
Ciclos (2006)
Ciclos Special Edition (2007)


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