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Ray Cash
Ray Cash

Ray Cash is an American hip-hop rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. His debut album Cash On Delivery released on 2006 put him to fame.



Early Life

Wardrell Raymond Cheeks who plays with his stage name Ray Cash was born on 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. As the only child in the family, he lived in an environment were gangs and violence are rampant. So his mother always advised him never to hang out someone on to the next corner. But curiousity paved way for his music skills to developed. He was so interested on what is happening in the next corner and soon got a chance to hang out with friend Thomas Oatman. When he grew, he got into hip hop hanging around with older guys.

Influences and Debut Album

Among his musical influences were famous arist such as Scarface and Jay-Z. During a time, his dream of seeing Jay-Z came to a reality when the former visited his hometown to perform on his Hard Knock Life Tour, there he performed and was discovered. Not long ago, on June 27, 2006 he released his debut album entitled Cash On Delivery through Sony Urban Music. The album reached #82 and #41 on the billboard harts receiving critical acclaim that put Ray cash to fame.

Chart Toppers

Year Title Hot R&B Album
2006 Bumpin My Music 56 Cash on Delivery


Action requires knoweglde, and now I can act!


There are no current announcements for the artist.


Comprehensive list of the recordings made.



Date Title Label
2005 Sex Appeal (Pimp in My Own Mind) Sony/Columbia
2005 Smokin' & Leanin' Sony/Columbia
2006 Bumpin' My Music Sony/Columbia
2006 She A G Sony/Columbia

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  • He used to be a drug dealer in the high streets of Cleveland, Ohio.


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