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Rancid is an American rock band formed on 1991 in Albany, California by Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong. On 2006, the two founding members left the band and were replaced by Branden Steineckert.



The band was formed on 1991 with Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman being the pioneers. The band was formed after several failed attempts of reaching stardom. First, with Operation Ivy from 1987 to 1989, which was followed by the name Downfall and then finally with the name Generator. None of these failed attempts succeeded and utmost lasted only three months.

By the time they recruited Brett Reed, Rancid was formed as a trio releasing their first ever 1992 EP with Lookout Records. Shortly after the released they were re-signed to a new record label called Epitaph. And by this time they would release their first ever debut album Rancid.

On 1994, they will be joined by Lars Frederiksen to become the group’s second guitarist. And they toured extensively with the very famous labelmate The Offspring, who released their album Smash with a huge success. The tour helped Rancid’s second album Let’s Go make it to the top 100 Billboard Heatseekers chart. A lot of major record label are pursuing to grab them off their current label but they decided to stay with Epitaph. And to prove they were not wrong in their decisions, Rancid’s third album ...And Out Come the Wolves immediately surpassed Let’s Go.

A second self-titled album was released on 2000 and this marked their first album released by their new label Hellcat. The album failed to reach success and peaked only at 68th spot on the charts.

After taking a break from the tour they recorded their sixth album Indestructible released on August 2003. The break proves to be right as this marked their highest peaking album at number 15. On 2004, they went on hiatus and focused on their side projects. The band was not officially disbanded.

On 2006 several changes occurred that includes Reed leaving the group to be replaced by Branden Steineckert. And Rancid’s music continues to live on. Accordingly, they are embarking on an Asian tour and an extensive tour around the United States.



  • Tim Armstrong - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Freeman - bass, vocals
  • Brett Reed - drums


  • Tim Armstrong - vocals, guitar
  • Lars Frederiksen - guitar, vocals
  • Matt Freeman - bass, vocals
  • Brett Reed - drums

Current Lineup

  • Tim Armstrong- vocals, guitar
  • Lars Frederiksen - guitar, vocals
  • Matt Freeman - bass, vocals
  • Branden Steineckert - drums

Awards & Certifications


Year Album Certification
1994 Let's Go Certified Gold - RIAA
1995 ...And Out Come the Wolves Certified Platinum
1998 Life Won't Wait Certified Gold - RIAA
2003 Indestructible Certified Silver - RIAA

Chart Toppers

Year Title Hot 100 Hot Rock UK Singles Album
1995 Salvation - 21 - Let's Go
1995 Roots Radicals - 27 - ...And Out Come the Wolves
1996 Ruby Soho 63 13 - ...And Out Come the Wolves
1998 Bloodclot - - 98 Life Won't Wait
1998 Hooligans - - 162 Life Won't Wait
2000 Let Me Go - - 188 Rancid (2000)
2003 Fall Back Down 13 42 - Indestructible


Tours & Concerts

There are no tour and concert schedule for the artist.


  • A new album for Rancid is set to be released on 2009.




Date Title Label
February, 07, 1995 Roots Radicals Epitaph
1996 Ruby Soho Epitaph
1998 Brad Logan Columbia
1999 Split Epitaph
September 15, 2003 Fall Back Down WEA

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