Puddle of Mudd

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Puddle of Mudd
Puddle of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd is a popular American Rock Band who rose to fame via their hit album, Come Clean.


  • Wesley Scantlin
  • Doug Ardito
  • Christian Stone
  • Ryan Yerdon

Former Members

  • Paul Phillips
  • Greg Upchurch
  • Jimmy Allen
  • Kenny Burkett
  • Sean Samon
  • David Moreno



Puddle of Mudd was formed in 1993. The band comprised of "Wes Scantlin" on vocals and guitars, "Kenny Burkett" on drums, "Jimmy Allen" on lead guitar and "Sean Sammon" on bass guitar. Their debut album, Stuck was released in 1994 under V&R Records. In 1997, their second album, Abrasive was issued under Hardknocks Records. The album contains 11 tracks of songs. The songs were all written by the members of the band. Their hit album, Come Clean was released in August 2001 under Flawless Records. It produced the hit singles, "Control" which became the theme song for WWE's Survivor Series and "Blurry" which landed both #1 on The US Modern Rock Singles Chart and US Main Rock Singles Chart and #5 on US Hot 100 Singles Chart and "She Hates Me" which chartered at #1 on US Main Rock Singles Chart and #2 on US Modern Rock Singles Chart. The album is a Certified Triple Platinum and as of 2006, the album sold over 5 million copies worldwide. In 2003, their album, Life of Famous was issued. It spawned the hit single, "Heel Over Head". The album sold 706,191 up to this moment. It is believe to be a fall off from their previous album. Their latest album, Famous was issued in 2007. It features the hit single, "Psycho" which reached at #1 both on US Modern Rock and US Main Rock Singles Chart.

Awards & Certifications


Year Album RIAA Certification
2001 Come Clean Certified 3x Platinum

Chart Toppers

Year Title U.S. Hot 100 U.S.Modern Rock U.S. Main Rock Album
2002 Blurry 5 1 1 Come Clean
2002 She Hates Me 13 2 1 Come Clean
2007 Psycho 67 1 1 Famous


Tours & Concerts

September 2008 Tours

  • Midland Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, United States
  • X-Fest, Dayton, Ohio, United States


There are no announcements as of this time




Date Title Label
2001 Control Flawless
2002 Blurry Flawless
2002 She Hates Me Flawless
2007 Famous Geffen
2007 Psycho Geffen

Compilations & Live Releases

Other artists

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  • The name Puddle of Mudd was inspired by the Missouri River flood, which inundated the band's practice space, and left the floor a big "puddle of mud".


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