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On The 6
On The 6

On The 6 is the debut album of American-Latin singer, dancer, and actress Jennifer Lopez who is also more known as J. Lo.



On The 6 was released on June 1, 1999 via Epic Records. The album practically wrote Lopez's blueprint in the multi-talented industry of music. This first album was a huge hit when it was released peaking at number 8 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and remained in the top 20 for eleven weeks.

The album was loaded with super slick production where it showed J. Lo's prowess combining Pop music, R&B, and Spanish Vocals. On The 6 actually refers to Subway Station No. 6 in New York City where Lopez used to commute to work in Manhattan from her home. The album was certified 3x platinum by RIAA on 1999.


Jennifer Lopez performing in the Superbowl
Jennifer Lopez performing in the Superbowl
Track Title Duration
1 If You Had My Love 4:25
2 Should've Never 6:14
3 Too Late 4:27
4 Feelin' So Good 5:27
5 Let's Get Loud 3:59
6 Could This Be Love 4:26
7 No Me Ames 5:03
8 Waiting For Tonight 4:06
9 Open Off My Love 4:35
10 Promise Me You'll Try 3:52
11 It's Not That Serious 4:17
12 Talk About Us 4:35
13 No Me Ames 4:38
14 Una Noche Mas 6:39

Awards & Certifications

1999 2000
  • MTV Video Music Awards
    • Best Female Video "If You Had My Love"
    • Best Dance Video "If You Had My Love"
    • Best Pop Video "If You Had My Love"
    • Best New Artist
  • Teen Choice Awards
    • Best Song of the Summer "If You Had My Love"
  • RIAA
    • Certified 3x Platinum by RIAA
  • MTV Video Music Awards
    • Best Choreography "Waiting For Tonight"
    • Best Dance Video "Waiting For Tonight"

Chart Toppers

Chart Year Title Billboard 100 Hot Dance Club Play Hot R&B/Hip Hop
1999 If You Had My Love 1 5 6
1999 Waiting For Tonight 8 1 -


Performance Credits

Jennifer Lopez Primary Artist, Vocals, Rap, Primary Artist

Prince Charles Background Vocals

Betty Wright Background Vocals

Rene Toledo Guitar

Michael Thompson Guitar

Manny Benito Vocal Director

Marc Anthony Track Performer

Donna Allen Background Vocals

Randy Barlow Trumpet

Tom Barney Bass, Fretless Bass Guitar

Edwin Bonilla Percussion

Sal Cuevas Bass

Lawrence Dermer Keyboards, Background Vocals

Margaret Dorn Background Vocals

Paquito Echevarria Piano

Larry Gold Conductor

Sandy Griffith Background Vocals

Skyler Jett Background Vocals

Eric Kupper Keyboards

Michael Landau Electric Guitar

Manny Lopez Acoustic Guitar, Guitar

Chieli Minucci Guitar

Dean Parks Guitar, Steel Guitar, Guitar (Nylon String)

Archie Pena Percussion

Rita Quintero Background Vocals

Claytoven Richardson Background Vocals

Dan Shea Keyboards

Wendy Peterson Background Vocals

Michael Hart Thompson Guitar

Conesha Owens Background Vocals

Al West Piano

Fat Joe Rap

William James Ross Conductor

Manuel Lopez Guitar

Randall Barlow Trumpet

Bill Lawrence Background Vocals

Corey Rooney Keyboards, Background Vocals

Juan Vicente Zambrano Keyboards

Angie Chirino Background Vocals

Doug Michels Trumpet

Peter Zizzo Keyboards

Don Shea Keyboards

Big Pun Rap, Track Performer

7 Mile Background Vocals

Richie Jones Percussion, Drums

José Miguel Velásquez ackground Vocals

Kyra Lawrence Background Vocals

Douglas Guevara Bongos, Timbales

LaShawn Daniels Background Vocals

Konesha Owens Background Vocals

Alvin West Piano

Shawnyette Harrell Background Vocals

Jennifer Karr Background Vocals

Herman "Teddy" Mulet Trombone

Robb Williams Background Vocals

Lena Pérez Background Vocals

Jack Stamates Violin

Juan Barrett Track Performer

Ximera DePombo Background Vocals, Track Performer

Kim Travis Background Vocals, Track Performer

Jorges Valero Background Vocals, Track Performer

Kenny Anderson Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone

Douglas Guevera Bongos, Conga, Timbales

Tracy Reid Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Prince Charles Engineer

Betty Wright Vocal Producer

Manny Benito Adaptation

''Tom Barney Arranger

Bob Cadway Engineer

Sean "Puffy" Combs Producer

Lawrence Dermer Arranger, Producer

Emilio Estefan Jr. Producer, Executive Producer

David Gleeson Engineer

Larry Gold String Arrangements, String Conductor

Franklin Grant Engineer

Mick Guzauski Remixing

Bob Ludwig Mastering

Lester Mendez Programming

Herb Powers Mastering

Dave Reitzas Engineer

David Rideau Engineer

Dan Shea Arranger, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Digital Editing, Vocal Producer

Rick Wake Arranger, Producer

Mario Winans Programming

Marcelo Anez Engineer

Tom Bender Engineer

Dan Hetzel Engineer

Rodney Jerkins Producer

Sebastian Krys Engineer

Glen Marchese Engineer

Al West Producer

Freddy Piñero Jr. Engineer

Christopher Austopchuk Art Direction

William James Ross String Arrangements, String Conductor

Poke Programming, Producer

Corey Rooney Arranger, Producer, Executive Producer

Chucky Thompson Programming

Juan Vicente Zambrano Arranger, Programming, Producer

Bobby Fernandez Engineer

Julian Peploe Art Direction

Kike Santander Arranger, Producer

Javier Garza Engineer

Jim Janik Digital Editing, Vocal Tracking

Steve Menezes Engineer

Dave Scheuer Arranger, Programming, Engineer

David Shackney Engineer

Thomas R. Yezzi Engineer

Peter Zizzo Arranger

Don Shea Arranger, Producer

Richie Jones Arranger, Programming, Producer, Remixing

Chuck Bailey Engineer

Ignacio Ballesteros Spanish Adaptation

Lance "Un" Rivera Producer

Bill Molina Programming

Alvin West Programming, Producer

Brian Harding Engineer

Brian Calicchia Engineer

Darrell Branch Producer

Jennifer Lopez Producer, Executive Producer

Robb Williams Engineer

Pete Krawiec Engineer

Stephen Saper Authoring

Bobby Fernandez Engineer

Rob Jenkins Producer

Simon Ramone Engineer

Lauren Dawson Producer

Bill Makina Programming


  • Jennifer Lopez had previously dated one of the producer of the album, Sean "Puffy" Combs.
  • "If You Had My Love" became the number one hit of this album.
  • The title refers to the #6 Subway line in New York City, which Lopez used to commute to work in Manhattan from her home in The Bronx during the early years of her career.



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