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Jessica Simpson in 2010
Jessica Simpson in 2010

Jessica Simpson is an international singer-songwriter that burst into the music scene in 1999 with her debut album Sweet Kisses. Not just music, but she has taken the fashion, beauty, and entertainment by storm.


Born on July 10,1980 and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jessica began her career performing on stage in a local community. In 1993, she signed to local label Proclaim Records as a gospel singer, and recorded a debut, "Jessica". The label went bankrupt before the release of the album however. In 1998, she impressed record executive Tommy Mottola, who signed her to his label, Columbia Records. To sell better, Simpson was made to drop her gospel themes and move in a more pop direction, for her debut album, "Sweet Kisses", which was released the following year. She was a moderate success, with her being promoted as a cleaner, more appropriate alternative to Britney Spears, who was known for her "sexy dance moves". In an effort to garner more sales, Columbia forced Simpson to adopt a "sexier" image for her sophomore album, "Irresistible" in 2001.

It was further promoted by a remix album, "[This Is the Remix]]" released the next year, and she married Nick Lachey soon after. Her third album, "In This Skin" was released the next year, and managed moderate success as well, and easily became her best selling album and got certified 3x Platinum in US. However the album had not managed to gain the critical acclaim of her first album. She released a holiday album, "Rejoyce: The Christmas Album" before being dropped from Columbia in 2005. She then signed to Epic Records, and after a highly-publicized divorce from Lachey, she released her fourth album, "A Public Affair" in 2006. Even though it was received much warmly by critics, it was an overall commercial failure. Still, the album managed to spawn hit singles on the charts - including two which reached #1 on Dace Club songs. In 2007 she announced that she had signed a dual contract with Columbia Nashville to move to Country music.

Her first Country album and fifth studio album, "Do You Know" was released in 2008, and despite a collaboration with famed Country superstar Dolly Parton. The album was received by critics in such a way that they praised her effort, but gave thumbs down on her singing style and the material included. The album topped the Country albums chart and debuted at #4 on Top 200 albums chart in the US but became her least successful album to date. She left Columbia Nashville, and is expected to release at least one more album in 2010, to finish her contract with Epic Records. It is a Christmas album (her second) and she would be producing some songs on the album too. An enthusiastic philanthropist, who keeps the flame of service burning, Jessica never forgets the community that has transformed her where she served as the Operation Smile's International Youth Ambassador. Her younger sister, Ashlee Simpson is also a pop singer.

Awards and Certifications

Jessica Simpson in 1999.
Jessica Simpson in 1999.

1999 2001
  • Sweet Kisses
    • RIAA certification: 2x platinum (2,100,000 million sold)
2003 2004
2005 2006
  • MTV Video Music Award
    • Sexiest Performance, The Dukes of Hazzard
  • People's Choice Award
    • Favorite Song from a Movie: Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made
  • MTV Movie Awards
    • Sexiest Performance: For Walkin - Jessica Simpson
  • Teen Choice Awards
    • Breakout Movie Star-Female: Jessica Simpson

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