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Hannah Montana OST
Hannah Montana OST

Hannah Montana is the original soundtrack from the hit Disney TV series Hannah Montana. Here, Miley Cyrus primarily sings as the show's lead character Hannah Montana and features various songs from other artists and Miley Cyrus out of her Hannah Montana character, including the show's theme song "The Best Of Both Worlds.



Hannah Montana was released in October 24, 2006 under Walt Disney Records and was among the top-selling albums during that time. The album carefully picked and mixed songs from the TV series and into the record. Fans of the show, particularly those in their early teens are definitely head over heels for this album!

It features thirteen upbeat and funky tracks that screamed "fun" all the way. "The Best Of Both Worlds", "Pop Princess" and "Just Like You" are just some of the songs that will keep you listening to this CD.


Track Title Duration
01 The Best Of Both Worlds 2:54
02 Who Said 3:14
03 Just Like You 3:14
04 Pumpin' Up The Party (Miley Cyrus) 3:09
05 If We Were A Movie 3:03
06 I Got Nerve 3:06
07 The Other Side Of Me 3:07
08 This Is The Life 2:58
09 Pop Princess (The Click Five) 4:24
10 She's No You (Jesse McCartney) 3:33
11 Find Yourself In You (Everlife) 3:35
12 Shining Star (B5) 2:44
13 I Learned From You (Miley Cyrus) 5:55

Awards & Certifications

Year Album Certification
2006 Hannah Montana 2x Platinum

Chart Toppers

Year Song US Hot Digital Songs US Hot 100 US Pop 100
2006 "If We Were A Movie" 20 47 38
2006 "I Got Nerve" 31 67 51
2006 "Pumpin' Up The Party" 41 81 62
2006 "Who Said" 44 83 63
2006 "The Other Side Of Me" 47 84 64
2006 "This Is The Life" 55 68 89
2006 "Best Of Both Worlds" 64 71 92
2006 "Just Like You" 65 79 99


Performance Credits

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana Primary Artist


  • This compilation album sold so well, it beat John Legend and My Chemical Romance from the top of Billboard 200!
  • A holiday edition of this album was released in December 2006 which featured all of the songs in the original album plus a bonus track "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree".



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