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Green Day is an American punk rock band that focused on punk revivals. They were able to create major hit albums such as Dookie and American Idiot. Last year, they took home the Grammy's for 2006 Record of the Year for "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" they also rocked the world with sentimental, patriotic release "Wake Me Up When September Ends.



Starting Out

To tell the success story of American punk band Green Day would be very tiring since the band is one of the most successful bands to ever reach the music scene. And since they are indeed successful, that makes it more interesting to tell--and know.

The band started out in the late 80’s when two childhood buddies in their teens namely Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed a band and called it Sweet Children in California. Soon after, drummer Al Sobrante joined the band and they were called Green Day, a name they chose after a marijuana allusion. Their first performance in Contra Costa College was electrifying and caught the attention of The Lookouts drummer, Larry Livemore who offered them to sign a contract with Lookout! Records. That year, the band independently released 1,000 Hours, their first EP ever. The band made a great follow up and thus their first album 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. Shortly after its release, Tre Cool replaced Al Sobrante on drums and became the permanent Green Day percussionist.

Green Day became a strong part of the Californian underground punk scene and set foot on the punk-pop scene at the release of 1992 album Kerplunk! that attracted the interest of major record labels; leading the band to sign a contract with [[Reprise Records] thereafter.

A Major Label Debut

Dookie, the band’s major release debut was a global success, selling roughly 20 million copies; and was a certified 10x Platinum in the United States. It charted number 2, 4 and 13 in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom respectively. Three of the tracks from this album spent a minimum of five weeks on top of the charts ("Longview", "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around"), together with a major hit performance at Woodstock ‘94 which led the album to sell big time and win a Grammy Award for 1995 Best Alternative Album.

Green Day made a fantastic following to Dookie, Insomniac was a success also, though it was not as huge as that of Dookie’s, it still sold 13 million copies worldwide. At the height of their career, the band chose to cancel a European tour claiming it was from exhaustion. They came back to the studios, writing and composing their new material and ended up with nimrod., an experimental album that played outside the band’s usual comfort zone, it included tracks that had an upbeat punk-pop to surfer rock, to rock ballad. Fans still appreciated it, selling 5 million copies worldwide.

Massive Comeback!

Three years of rest and the band have stirred up an exciting album by the title Warning:. By 2004, the band released another much awaited album American Idiot; which surprisingly debuted at the Billboard # 1 spot and received much commendation for its unique "punk-rock-opera" billing. They took the 2005 Grammy’s Best Rock Album and swept the MTV Music Awards with 7 trophies including the Viewer’s Choice Award.

American Idiot, the album itself and the worldwide tour were both sensational, where Green Day toured the world extensively until 2005. In England, the tour attracted by far the biggest crowd in a rock concert and thus the tour was dubbed "Best Show on Earth". Bullet In A Bible, the band’s live release composed of a CD and a DVD features Green Day’s hit songs, clips from the concert tour, and never before seen behind the scene interviews and footages.

In 2006, the band took home the award Record of the Year for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". The band is also contemplating to translate their punk rock opera stint into film, to be called American Idiot: The Motion Picture.

In 2009, Green Day released the album "21st Century Breakdown" which featured the single "Know Your Enemy"

More than a decade of great music and performance, this band has got more brilliant things up in their sleeves that will keep their fans at the edge of their seats; and that makes them definitely worth following!

Band Lineup

Present Members

  • Billie Joe Armstrong- guitar, vocals
  • Mike Dirnt - bass
  • Tre Cool - drums

Former Member

  • Al Sobrante - drums (left the band in 1991)

Awards & Certifications


Year Award
1995 Grammy's Best Alternative Music Album for Dookie
2005 Grammy's Best Rock Album for American Idiot
2006 Grammy's Record of the Year for Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


Year Album Certification
1991 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Gold
1992 Kerplunk! Platinum
1994 Dookie 10x Platinum (Diamond)
1995 Insomniac 5x Platinum
1997 nimrod. 2x Platinum
2000 Warning: Platinum
2001 International Superhits! Platinum
2004 American Idiot 5x Platinum

Chart Toppers

Year Single AUS Billboard Hot 100 UK US Modern Rock US Mainstream Rock Album
1994 "Longview" 34 - 30 1 13 Dookie
1994 "Welcome To Paradise" 56 - 20 7 - Dookie
1994 "Basket Case" 76 - 7 1 9 Dookie
1995 "When I Come Around" 6 - 29 1 2 Dookie
1995 "Geek Stink Breath" 44 - 16 3 9 Insomniac
1996 "Brain Stew/Jaded" 89 - 28 3 8 Insomniac
1997 "Hitchin' A Ride" 25 - 25 5 9 nimrod.
1997 "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" 2 - 11 1 7 nimrod.
2000 "Minority" 24 - 18 1 15 Warning:
2000 " Warning" 28 - 27 3 24 Warning:
2004 " American Idiot" 7 61 3 1 5 American Idiot
2004 "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" 5 2 5 1 1 American Idiot
2005 "Holiday" 24 19 11 1 1 American Idiot
2005 "Wake Me Up When September Ends" 13 6 8 2 12 American Idiot
2005 "Jesus Of Suburbia" 24 - 17 27 - American Idiot
2006 "The Saints Are Coming" 1 51 2 22 33 The Saints Are Coming"


Tours & Concerts


Green Day will have an appearance on the "The Simpsons Movie" (2007) and they recorded their own version of the movie's theme song that will be released by Warner Bros. on July 24. Watch out for the release of their single.



EP's and Original Albums

Release Title Label
April 1989 1,000 Hours Lookout! Records
April 1990 39/Smooth Lookout! Records
Summer 1990 Slappy Lookout! Records
Summer 1990 Sweet Children Skene! Records
Early 2005 American Idiot EP Reprise Records

Live Albums

Album Information
Live Tracks
  • Released Year 1994
  • Under Reprise Records
Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking
  • Released Year 1996
  • Under Reprise Records
Foot In Mouth
  • Released Year 1996
  • Under Reprise Records
Bullet In A Bible
  • Released Year 2005
  • Under Reprise Records

Other artists

Similar artists




  • "J.A.R." is a single that Green Day contibuted in the Angus Soundtrack that landed at the number 1 of the US Modern Rock Charts.
  • The band raised eyebrows when they laid back from dyeing their hair with striking colors but rather a shade of black and white only. Some critics say that they were doing an anti-fashion statement, while some say that they were only following the color of their album American Idiot.
  • Early in 2006, Reprise Records issued a Collector's Box for Green Day enthusiasts that includes 2 CD's with interviews. It also comes with rare photos, posters, various demos and collector's booklet, definitelf for those who are dying to have a piece of the band beside him.
  • Foot In Mouth, one of their live albums, was only released in Japan.


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