Fice Musaveni

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Fice Musaveni
Fice Musaveni

Fice Musaveni is an American MC whose origins can be traced back in Osceola, Arkansas.



Chris Jones, better known by his stage name "Fice Musaveni" is an American rapper signed to Lyric 87 Records. His debut mixtape New Breed (2011, Lyric 87 Records) was released online and well received by many popular blog sites within the Hip Hop community. His song "Throwback Joint 2.0" was featured on 916 Groove "iflow volume 1". Since 2010, Fice has had his music in heavy rotation with numerous online radio stations such as Krs One's Temple of Hip Hop, Earbits, & more. Melding the essence of hardcore hip hop and in the styles of Ice Cube, Scarface, Redman, etc. Fice combines the very best of hip hop and poetry, while entertaining and captivating audiences with his sincerity and power.

Legendary Funk artist Bootsy Collins once told Fice, "If you have funk you have style sounds like you got both".

Currently working on the release of "The Resurgence LP" Fice is prepared to astonish fans of Hip Hop music. The first single has yet to be released, although a song titled "Killin' Yourself" off the new album, a smooth track with a straightforward message, was leaked early to online retailers. Fice is currently touring in support of the album.



The Resurgence EP is now available

Tours and Concerts

Fice will be touring late 2011


Comprehensive list of the recordings made.





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