Cordell Francis

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Cordell Francis
Cordell Francis

Cordell Francis Also Known As Cardell is An American R&B Singer And Songwriter (born May 12, 1996) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



Coke Cordell Loyd Francis a African American and Jamaican Singer/Songwriter Born May 12, 1996 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who started his solo career over the 20s. Prior to becoming a solo artist, was A Background vocalist influence with other people like Jennifer Hudson And Whitney Houston. His also a Christian person Who Was Raise In A Family In Jamaica And Went To Churches Like Pentecostal, And Worship Services. 'He Replyed' I Really Love Jesus Because He Died For Me When I Was First Born And Giving My Life To Him So That's Aware Of What I Was Living And Looking For :) And Now That I See Who Jesus Is It's A Blessing I Just Thank Him.

In 2011, Cordell released his first album Time With 4 Tracks And 1 Single. He Mention Musqi Soulchild Was His First Idol Singer-songwriter To Make Record Songs And Practice With Him.

He Grew Up Listening To Virtue, Out Of Eden, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Donnie McClurkin, The Clark Sisters.

Accordingly, he added "I really heard about many of my fans on My website asking me many other messages, and it made me a very good person to work on, music, and school. And that's the combination that I want from my fans in many years."

It's so much fun to do an album, it's just one amazing scene. The album of 2009 of Cordell's "Seeking Amy" would be in studio together with "My God Is So Blessed" and "Not In Believe Me" as the two singles that were released November 2009. Today, he released several studio albums already. Cordell Already Released A New Album In 2011 Call Time (album) Featuring Singles Like Crank And With 4 Tracks With Bonus CD Editions. He Saids I'm Really Happy That I Made A Album That I Wanted To Wrote For Others And Obey By Their Hearts So Ya ♥.

Awards & Certifications


Year Award Category
2007 Grammy Award Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, "Love Comes"
2009 Soul Train Award Contemporary R&B Vocal Peformance, "Everything"
2011 MTV Music Award R&B Song Of The Year, "Wisdom Is The Key"


Year Album Certification
2011 Time Certified Platinum in U.S.
2000 Hit The Sound Certified Platinum In U.K
2007 Reach Out: The Best Of Cordell Francis Certified Platinum In U.S
2009 Everything Certified Platinum In U.S
2012 Poetic Love Soul Certified Platinum In U.S

Chart Toppers

Year Title Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Billboard Hot 100 Album
2011 Crank 14 26 Time

Early Career

Cordell Francis was a musician after he dedicated his life to singing and playing songs over the Web with his musical influences. He had major releases like Everything (album) that was out on 2009. And another release that came out on Billboard Top R&B/Christian Charts #3, entitled Reach Out: The Best Of Cordell Francis Was Sold Out With Millons Of Copies In 2007 after being in Tour With Fans.


Tours & Concerts

October, November 2011

  • New York, NY MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Houston, TX VH1 Behind The Music
  • Norfolk, Virgina Gospel Festival





Year Single Label Album
2000 Losin' Your Mind (feat. P. Diddy) Interscope Hit The Sound
2011 Crank Columbia Time
2012 Wild Moments (feat. Missy Elliott) Interscope Unknown

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  • Cordell Francis Was Born May 12, 1996 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Cordell Francis Is Going To Make His New Single Lines Of The Mind In 2011.
  • Cordell Francis Started Learning How To Play Keyboard And Drums.
  • Cordell Francis Is Only 15 Years And Is A R&B Singer/Songwriter.
  • Cordell Francis Started Singing In The Age Of 11 With His First Upcoming Album Reach Out


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