Carl Perkins

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Carl Perkins
Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins is a Rock and Country Icon who rose to fame via his album Dance Album.



Carl Perkins was born on April 9, 1932 at Tiptonville, Tennessee to Fonie Perkins and Louise Brantley Perkins who were both work as sharecroppers. At the age of six, Carl already work in the fields where he also heard gospel songs. After World War II the Perkins family moved to Bemis, Tennessee, where he and his brothers picked cotton. By that time his father was unable to work due to a lung infection.

At the age of 10, Carl used to entertain his classmated already. He made his first debut with his school band by singing "Home On The Range". Carl with his brothers Jay Perkins and Clayton Perkins formed a band in 1953. In 1954, The Perkins brothers travelled to Memphis to audition for Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Phillips was not overly impressed, but agreed that the group had potential.

Shortly thereafter, they signed to the label and released their singles, "Movie Magg" and "Turn Around". They released another single, "Let the Jukebox Keep On Playing" in 1955 which failed to make it to chart. In 1956, they relesased their hit single, "Blue Suede Shoes" which debuted #1 on the Billboard Charts. Quickly the single became a huge hit and was also the first country record to appear on both the R&B chart and the pop chart, in addition to the country chart. It chartered #2 on the Pop Chart, #1 on the Country Chart and #2 on R&B Chart.

At the height of their popularity, a tragedy struck when Jay Perkins had a car accident and was seiously injured. Due to that accident, Jay was diagnosed with a brain tumor from which he died in 1958. A year later, Carl became alcoholic because of his sadness about the incident. In 1965, Carl became a part of Johnny Cash's touring troupe. Carl formed a band, "C.P. Express" with his sons "Greg Perkins" and "Stan Perkins" in 1975.

Carl released two solo albums, The Carl Perkins Show and Carl Perkins Live at Austin City Limits in 1977. Through the years, Carl continued to record and write. However, in 1992, Carl was diagnosed with throat cancer, after treatment, he was declared cancer-free a year later. He continued to keep writing and recording. Carl suffered a series of strokes and died in 1998.

Awards & Certifications

Year Award Category
1986 Grammy Awards Best Spoken Work or Non-Musical Album

Chart Toppers

Year Country Charts Album
1969 32 Carl Perkins Greatest Hits
1969 42 On Top
1970 43 Original Golden Hits
1974 48 My Kind of Country


Tours & Concerts

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Date Title Label
1992 Blue Suede Shoes Collectables

Compilations & Live Releases

Date Album Label
1959 Teen Beat: The Best of Carl Perkins Sun
1963 Tennessee Design
1968 Country Boy Dreams Dolie
1969 Greatest Hits Columbia
1970 Blue Suede Shoes Sun
1970 Original Golden Hits Sun
1972 Man Behind Johnny Cash Columbia
1975 Rockin Guitar Man Charly
1976 Carl Perkins Show Sede
1976 Original Carl Perkins Charly
1977 Greatest Hits Embassy
1977 Long Tall Sally Embassy
1978 Sun Sounds Special Charly
1981 Blue Suede Shoes Rhino
1981 Live At Austin City Limits Suede
1982 Sun Years Charly
1983 20 Golden Pieces Bulldog
1986 Dixie Fried Charly
1987 Heart and Soul of Carl Perkins Allegiance
1989 Hunky Tonk Gal Rounder
1989 The Greatest Hits of Carl Perkins Harmony
1990 The Classic Bear Family
1990 Blue Suede Shoes and Other Greatest Hits Capitol
1990 Jive After Five Rhino
1991 Friends, Family and Legends Magnum
1993 The Best of Carl Perkins Curb
1995 Matchbox Dickwick
1995 Guitar Legend Prime Cuts
1996 The Man and The Legend Synergie Camp
1998 The King of Rockability and Greatest Hits Reacon
1998 Roots of Rock N Roll Boxsets
1998 Definitive Collection Charly
1999 Essential Sun Collection Recall
1999 Rockability King Charly
1999 Live at Gileys Q
2000 Jailhouse Rock Columbia River
2000 Portrait of Carl Perkins Original Masters
2001 Forever Gold St. Clair
2002 Memphis Town Sound
2002 Rock Rock Rock Delta
2002 Masters Eagle Rock Entertain
2002 Mr. Rock N Roll Newsound 2000
2003 Rock and Roll Hero Rock and Roll Heroes
2004 Ultimate Collection Prism Leisure
2004 Caldonia Pazzazz
2005 Be Bop A Lula Fabulous
2005 Rocks Bear Family
2005 Honky Tonk Babe Rajon
2006 Golden Legends: Carl Perkins Madacy
2007 Essentials CBUJ Entertainment

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  • In 1981, Carl founded the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.
  • He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.
  • In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him #69 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.
  • He was voted the 69th Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artist of all time by Rolling Stone.


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