Bonnie Bailey

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Bonnie Bailey
Bonnie Bailey

Bonnie Bailey is a female singer who is mostly featured on remixed songs by the Hed Kandi record label. She is the artist who was behind the voice and lyrics of the club anthem, Ever After.



Bonnie Bailey is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. The talented young girl started singing at the age of four. By the age of sixteen, she was able to write a few songs which she brought to Cove City Sound Studio, who produced her first alternative rock album entitled St. Mark's Place after she met Ric Wake, a Grammy Award producer who saw her talent and took her under his wing.

Bonnie started performing on stage and in clubs, including places like the Intrepid, The Bitter End, Mercury Lounge, and The Elbow Room. And as she grew old, so did her music. She then met Eric Kupper whom she has maintained a close professional relationship with, often performing with Eric's mixes. Mark Doyle, representing Hed Kandi at that time, signed them both and included their tracks in Hed Kandi's compilation albums.

In 2006, Mark Doyle started a new label (Fierce Angels) after leaving Hed Kandi. Bonnie Bailey is currently signed as one of Fierce Angels performing artists, and is producing her new album set to be released in 2006.

Chart Toppers

Year Title Chart Position Album
2005 Everywhere MTV Dance Charts 1
2005 Everywhere DJ Magazine 7
2005 Everywhere Top 40 UK Billboard Top 10


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  • Bonnie Bailey has signed a deal with Mark Doyle's Fierce Angels, and is set to release her first album (since her alternative rock project).
  • she will collaborate with Eric Kupper on her endeavor.


Bonnie Bailey has recorded one full album, and is set to release her latest album in 2006 under the Fierce Angels label.


With the absence of a full album for the artist, a track listing of the artist's songs is placed here instead.

  • Can Hardly Wait
  • Cocoon
  • Ever After
  • Everywhere
  • Firefly
  • Kingdom Of Pretty
  • No Promises
  • Rise
  • Safe
  • Sweet Serendipity
  • Too Little, Too Late
  • Trust

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  • Bonnie Bailey, as with most club music artists, rose to fame even as most people knew only her songs and not her face.
  • her first album was alternative rock.
  • she maintains a close friendship with Mark Doyle and Eric Kupper.


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