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Big Wreck
Big Wreck

Big Wreck is a hard rock metal band from 90's. They have two albums In Loving Memory Of... and The Pleasure and the Greed which are all sucessfull. The band broke up in 2002.



Hard-rock band, Big Wreck began during the 90’s in Boston, Massachusetts. The line-up was comprised of Ian Thornley on vocals and guitars, Brian Doherty on guitar, Dave Henning on bass and Forrest Williams on drums. The four attended Berklee College majoring in Music. The quartet spent their time on playing their music rather than attending classes. The Big Wreck later on decided to quit school to pursue music fulltime. They played gigs around Cambridge and Boston also in other clubs. In 1997, Atlantic Records signed them in releasing their debut, In Loving Memory Of..., later that year. It was followed by their follow-up album, The Pleasure and the Greed in 2001.

Chart Toppers

Year Title Mainstream Rock Tracks Modern Rock Tracks Album
1998 That Song 32 In Loving Memory Of...
1998 The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted) 9 24 In Loving Memory Of...


Tours & Concerts

No tours and concerts.





Year Single Label Album
1999 Blown Wide Open Wea International In Loving Memory Of...

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  • The band's biggest commercial success was in Canada rather than the United States.
  • Doherty,Dave Henning and drummer Forrest Williams, met as classmates at the Berklee College of Music.


  • Big Wreck has beautiful songwriting skills. Their singles are full of texture and character. They are unpredictable and unconventional. Their catchy lyrics are intriguing and full of energy. --Mimi 07:00, 29 October 2008 (PST)

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